Installing PECL Filter on Debian Linux (AMD64)

I just finished installing the PECL filter extension on my Debian install (AMD64), and by God, it was painful. This process was so brutal with so many ways to screw up. Here are the steps:

Install php5-dev package. During the process of not figuring out what was going on, I also installed the php4-dev package. I’m pretty sure I only needed php5-dev.

Download PCRE – Perl Compatible Regular Expressions from here. Be sure you have g++ installed (not just gcc as I was getting a strange error). Extract, configure, make and make install. If your running AMD64, be sure to compile using the -fPIC flag. See here for information why. Filter will look for the library in /usr/local/, so you’ll have to setup a link or copy it from /usr/local/lib/ so the PECL install can find it.

The Filter package also looks for the header files from the php_pcre extension. The only way I found to get at these header files was to download the PHP source. So depending on what version of PHP you have, go here and download the zip. Copy the entire pcre folder from within the extension (ext) folder into your /usr/include/php5/ext/ folder.

Now it’s time to attempt the actual PECL Filter install. If your doing this from the tarball and your running on an AMD64, as above, be sure to add the -fPIC flag. I used the PECL installer, so I ran: pecl install filter. Since the package is not “stable” yet, you’ll need to point right to the channel, just read the message, in my case it was: pecl install channel:// After the compile/install is done, add to your php.ini file. If you can’t find it, type find / -name php.ini from your command line.

That’s it. I may have forgotten a step, if so add a comments please.

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